Monday, October 8, 2007

Shoes...Yes, I made shoes!!!

One night while browsing the internet I came across the cutest shoes for babies. The site included lovely photos and a pattern so you can make them yourself! I am so excited. I used two different patterns. One came out just horrible. I didn't even sew the second one. I need to adjust the pattern or just find a different one. The other pair well...I think they are just the sweetest things. Unfortunately they are too small for my little Avery - her feet are LONG. So I will save them for a gift and make her a new pair. I want to make these everyday. Oh...I made them while watching TV - I always like doing something while watching.

These are the ones I didn't like. I need to make some changes.

This is the pair I love. Aren't they adorable???
Here are some places you can find baby shoe patterns....
Heather Bailey
Martha Stewart
Tacky Living
More Martha Stewart


Stephanie said...

Those are great! Wow you have been busy!

Rachel R. said...

Which pattern did you use for the "cute" shoes? I would love to try a pair of these for my little one - maybe she'll keep them on better than socks this winter! lol

Tonje said...

Wow, great shoes. I've been wanting to make some shoes for my little girl for a while... maybe I'm gonna give it a try now... you've inspired me!

Rachel R. said...

Thank you! I am going to make some of these for my daughter for Christmas. :)