Saturday, October 13, 2007


About a month ago I told you about some curbside shopping I did! Here are my results! I've gotten mixed responses and my feelings aren't easily hurt so be honest and tell me what you think. The entire refurbish cost about $15. We spent the most on the knobs. We could have probably found some used ones if we kept looking but we didn't have time for that since I did need the dresser for Avery's clothes!



Stephanie said...

I like it! When you need knobs and things like that check the antique shops on Market St over by Tangier. It has been awhile, but there are two there. The one had lots of knobs and the like. The other had a second building behind that lots of odds n ends china for a buck. Lots of neat things in both those stores.

Holly said...

Love it!

Sarah said...

It's perfect for a baby's room! You couldn't find *any* dresser for only $15. Great job.

Sonya said...

I think it looks very cool! I love refurbished stuff, especially furniture!