Saturday, October 13, 2007

Thank You.

I recently had a baby. I had so many people give us gifts and make meals. It was quite a blessing. After we brought Avery home and we were there for a few days, my mom and dad took the older two kids back home with them for a long weekend. It was nice to have a break. The idea was to get the older kids away and I would rest to help me heal properly. I was getting a little bored out of my mind - after all, I only had one kid left to look after. So...I handmade little Thank You's for my friends. I made a card, a heart ornament and a little bag to put them in. I made 200 of those same hearts as favors at my wedding so the people that were at my wedding didn't get the heart and I made them different cards. If you still haven't received a Thank You from me it is because I've only given them out in person. If I haven't seen you then yours is sitting on my microwave waiting to be mailed. I will eventually get to to post office. We don't mail much around here.

Handmade cards in general are very easy to make and a heck of a lot cheaper. I was at Target yesterday looking at Get Well cards (the little neighbor girl broke her arm and Jude wanted to get her a High School Musical card). YIKES. Almost $4 for a card that I don't even like. No way. I told him we could color her a picture. The bags were cheap and I already have a ton of stamps laying around - but in the interest of those who don't - I did borrow these particular stamps from a friend. Stamp pads are inexpensive ($1 at Pat Catans). I know not everyone takes pottery and can make their own hearts BUT - craft stores sell an assortment of wood ornaments or other small craft items you can make a lot of. I just thought it was a nice touch to give a small gift as a thank you. are the pics.


About a month ago I told you about some curbside shopping I did! Here are my results! I've gotten mixed responses and my feelings aren't easily hurt so be honest and tell me what you think. The entire refurbish cost about $15. We spent the most on the knobs. We could have probably found some used ones if we kept looking but we didn't have time for that since I did need the dresser for Avery's clothes!


Friday, October 12, 2007

The Glass Marble Magnets

I did these this week while I was watching Criminal Minds. So easy, yet so adorable. For instructions check out Not Martha.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Shoes...Yes, I made shoes!!!

One night while browsing the internet I came across the cutest shoes for babies. The site included lovely photos and a pattern so you can make them yourself! I am so excited. I used two different patterns. One came out just horrible. I didn't even sew the second one. I need to adjust the pattern or just find a different one. The other pair well...I think they are just the sweetest things. Unfortunately they are too small for my little Avery - her feet are LONG. So I will save them for a gift and make her a new pair. I want to make these everyday. Oh...I made them while watching TV - I always like doing something while watching.

These are the ones I didn't like. I need to make some changes.

This is the pair I love. Aren't they adorable???
Here are some places you can find baby shoe patterns....
Heather Bailey
Martha Stewart
Tacky Living
More Martha Stewart

Sunday, October 7, 2007

New Clay Stuff...

I've been working on these little "coins" in pottery. They take a lot of time to make because there are many steps to get them together. Here is my first batch. I really like them. I made some other out of lighter clay but they just aren't as appealing. I still plan to decorate the altoid containers and making them a funky little carrier for the magnets. I am going to put them in sets of 6 or 8 and give them away. As you can see....I made a few into necklaces. Aren't they cute?

My First Quilt

Here is my first attempt at a quilt. Well, that isn't exactly true. I have a pieced together many quilt blocks in the past but this is my first completed quilt. It is for a baby and fairly small. I had some "issues" with one of the fabrics I picked so some of the pieces didn't line up. It was frustrating. Either way it isn't perfect but I think it is cute. Now I have been inspired. Maybe I will work on the quilt I have been piecing for years now!