Friday, September 7, 2007

My Pink T-Shirt

I am feeling my wardrobe is a little drab these days. I went to Target and picked up a few clearance items to spice things up a bit. While I was there I decided to breeze through the men's department and see if they had anything good for Jake. Apparently he has been feeling a little drab himself these days because he even mentioned that he needs a few new things. Anyhow...they had these t-shirts on clearance. From the picture you can't really tell but it is a very soft cotton t-shirt. I bought one for him and this pink one for me. After I got it home I decided I didn't like how it looked on so I cut it all up... Here is what I did.

First I cut the sleeves off. I just followed the seam. Then I used a straight edge to cut off the top. I cut it right at the neck line.

Next, I sewed the armpit area. I just folded it over twice (so there wouldn't be any fraying going on) and sewed along the line I cut. Then I folded the top over twice but left enough space to insert a ribbon!

Finally I added the ribbon & tied it to make straps. Isn't it the cutest shirt!? It only took me about 45 minutes to make. I think it will go faster next time. I can't wait to make more! Oh, and did I mention this type of shirt is SO in style now. How convenient.


Stephanie said...

Very cute! Love your header btw

tegdirb92 said...

wow beautiful!! I would have never thought of that!!

RecycleCindy said...

What a wonderful recon of a t-shirt. The result is one cute shirt. Great job!

Joanie said...

Fantastic! Right up my street. Thought I could do one for my daughter too - but might wait till next summer, getting chilly here in the UK. Thanks!